Reporter Portraits

Reporter portrait: Gideon Levy

By Jessica Davey-Quantick Name: Gideon Levy Date of Birth: 1953 Nationality: Israeli Country where he’s worked: Israel Gideon Levy has been described as the most hated man in Israel. He’s also been described as a hero. He has written extensively on Palestinian-Israeli relations, often documenting human stories from within Gaza and the West Bank. For […]

Reporter portrait: Ta-Nehisi Coates

By Alasdair Wilkins Born: 1975 Nationality: American Works predominately in the United States as a national correspondent for The Atlantic, with some overseas assignments Ta-Nehisi Coates is America’s most incisive writer on race; he may also be its foremost public intellectual. Coates’ own words make the case for both claims far better than mine could, […]

Reporter portrait: Mary K. Reinhart

By Lex Talamo Year of Reporting: Mary K. Reinhart joined The Arizona Republic in 2010 to cover the capitol and to investigate state agencies. Country Where the Journalist Has Worked: In the U.S. During her time at The Arizona Republic, she wrote stories about Medicaid, child welfare issues, the mentally ill and legislative issues in Arizona. Ethical Issue: […]

Reporter portrait: Andrea Elliott

BY LINDSEY ANDERSON – Elliott is an “ethically courageous” journalist because she has tackled ethically complicated subjects in thoughtful yet thought-provoking ways.