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Art and photography at Auschwitz

By Jessica Davey-Quantick There is an image of fuzzy kittens cavorting on the wall of one of the bathrooms at Auschwitz 1. “Prisoners did it,” says Pawel Sawicki, who works in the press office at Auschwitz. He calls the kittens “semi-official art”: art that was not exactly approved, but likely did not attract punishment. In […]

From the platform to the birch forest: retracing victims’ steps at Birkenau

By Alyssa Creamer Roughly 40 people stood around a bus outside a hotel in Oświęcim, Poland, many solemn and quiet because they had visited the first of two concentration camps—preserved now as museums—the day before. Squinting in the sunlight, they waited for instructions before departing for the second, Auschwitz II-Birkenau. A small, seemingly offhand comment […]

Holocaust tourism

By Alexandra Levine A number of telephone poles around Kraków are plastered with a large, bright blue flier advertising trips to Auschwitz, the largest Nazi German concentration camp and death camp of World War II. The woman in the ad—smiling ear to ear, eyes wide with excitement—poses in front an ominous, barbed-wire fence that 70 […]

Reasoning and cruelty

By Kristian Jebsen On the road between Oświęcim and Bielsko-Biala sits an unassuming house with a well-kept backyard. A golden Labrador patrols the premises, barking as people pass. It appears a normal residence, until one gets close enough to see the familiar craned, concrete necks of the old concentration camp fence, marking the edge of […]

Bearing witness through photography

By Lindsey Anderson Disclaimer: This post contains an image that may be disturbing to some viewers.  Gruesome images have existed as long as photography has, but they seem to have pervaded modern life because of social media. On Facebook or YouTube, viewers can find videos of Islamic State militants viciously killing prisoners or photographs of […]

Reporter portrait: Mary K. Reinhart

By Lex Talamo Year of Reporting: Mary K. Reinhart joined The Arizona Republic in 2010 to cover the capitol and to investigate state agencies. Country Where the Journalist Has Worked: In the U.S. During her time at The Arizona Republic, she wrote stories about Medicaid, child welfare issues, the mentally ill and legislative issues in Arizona. Ethical Issue: […]

There’s still laughter

By Alyssa Creamer At 92, former journalist and Holocaust survivor Inge Deutschkron speaks with fluid wit in a tongue she hasn’t spoken for years about a time unfamiliar to the young journalists hanging on her every word. The fellows, at least 60 years her junior, are trying to imagine the building-turned-museum they sit in as […]

Reporter portrait: Andrea Elliott

BY LINDSEY ANDERSON – Elliott is an “ethically courageous” journalist because she has tackled ethically complicated subjects in thoughtful yet thought-provoking ways.