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Disbelief and inaction: press failure during WWII

By S. Parker Yesko The press is in the business of packaging complex stories into neat parcels of information designed for easy public consumption. Often this means that the journalist quickly processes a multi-dimensional saga through flat narrative tropes. When a hurricane strikes, it’s a story of man versus nature. When famine or violence drives […]

Pasts captured, pasts uncovered

The Topography of Terror once housed the SS, SD and Gestapo headquarters -- and is where the Nazis planned the extermination of millions. (Katelyn Verstraten/FASPE)

A single block of Zimmerstrasse — a less than five-minute walk along 1,000 feet of what was once the Berlin Wall—separates two very different reminders of Berlin’s past. On one end is the Topography of Terror and on the other is Checkpoint Charlie.

Holocaust survivor speaks to FASPE fellows

By Lex Talamo At the Museum Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind in Berlin, a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor surveyed the group of listeners before her. Hair perfectly coiffed, a string of pearls around her neck, and a touch of blue eye shadow highlighting her bright eyes, Inge Deutschkron told the group to “SHOUT!” as they […]

There’s still laughter

By Alyssa Creamer At 92, former journalist and Holocaust survivor Inge Deutschkron speaks with fluid wit in a tongue she hasn’t spoken for years about a time unfamiliar to the young journalists hanging on her every word. The fellows, at least 60 years her junior, are trying to imagine the building-turned-museum they sit in as […]

Reporter portrait: Andrea Elliott

BY LINDSEY ANDERSON – Elliott is an “ethically courageous” journalist because she has tackled ethically complicated subjects in thoughtful yet thought-provoking ways.