Reporter Portraits

Ben Hecht

Journalist’s name: Ben Hecht Years of birth/death: 1894 – 1964 Nationality: American Countries worked in: America, Germany Short description of journalism work:  Ben Hecht was an American journalist, novelist and playwright whose groundbreaking 1943 article in the American Mercury was perhaps the first to acknowledge the size and scope of the Holocaust. Though he is […]

Julius Streicher

Julius Streicher

By Sarah Esther Maslin Journalist’s Name: Julius Streicher Years of birth/death: 1885-1946 Nationality: German Places where the journalist lived: Nuremberg, Germany Short Description of Journalistic Work:  Julius Streicher founded and edited the anti-Semitic newspaper Der Stürmer, the most infamous source of Nazi propaganda leading up to and during the Holocaust. The tabloid was established in 1923 and […]

Arthur Szyk

Arthur Szyk's Anti-Christ

By Ilgin Yorulmaz Journalist’s Name: Arthur Szyk Years of birth/death: 1894-1951 Nationality: Poland Places where the journalist lived: France, Poland, United Kingdom, U.S. Short description of journalism work: Arthur Szyk was a prominent book illustrator before gaining wide popularity through his political caricatures. His illustrations [like this one] in Haggadah, a Jewish text that sets […]