2018 FASPE Fellowships: Photos and Testimonials

  Site visits and deep conversations with FASPE helped me to realize that even if I think my actions are ethically moral, if not examined and challenged, I could be a participant in unjust practices.   Art Gordon, FASPE Seminary Fellow 2018

This summer, 63 new Fellows in the Business, Journalism, Law, Medical and Seminary programs spent two weeks in Berlin, Krakow and Oswiecim, visiting historical sites, attending intensive seminars and participating in intimate cross-disciplinary discussion groups. Questions raised in the classroom and reflections spurred on by site visits continued to be discussed and debated over lunch, over dinner and sometimes far into the night. Business, Journalism and Law Fellows traveled together from Sunday, May 20 through Friday, June 1. Medical and Seminary Fellows traveled together from Sunday, June 17 through Friday, June 29. Below you can view a slide show from each trip and read testimonials from Fellows. For detailed information on each program, please click on the program names above.

Business, Journalism and Law (May 20 – June 1, 2018)

  FASPE has imparted to me a certain moral curiosity and a heightened ethical awareness … More than anything, I take away the need to continually examine my actions in terms of the larger ethical framework. I am reminded to shun ethical complacency and continually question what it is I am doing, why I am doing it and who is affected.    Ken Hampshire, FASPE Business Fellow 2018
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  Participating in FASPE was absolutely worthwhile and life-changing … The fact that FASPE focuses on the professionals turned perpetrators and bystanders really turned the mirror on me and how I view my responsibility as a journalist today. It gave me the time and space to think about the ethical issues outside of the crisis mode in a newsroom and helped me to evaluate where I stand in challenging circumstances. This was such an important experience to me as a young professional.    Jordyn Holman, FASPE Journalism Fellow 2018
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〉  Thank you so much for paving the way for the 2018 FASPE Fellows to embark on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity together. I return from my FASPE experience much enriched by the discussions that I shared with my fellow FASPE colleagues over our seminars, walking tours, meals and group activities. FASPE has shaped the way that I view my role as a law student and future member of the legal profession by showing me what it means to balance ethical lawyering with commitments to clients, colleagues, supervisors and society as a whole. These last two weeks in Germany and Poland marked just the beginning of my relationship with a strong interdisciplinary community of fellows that I will collaborate with often in the future.    Catherine Yuh, FASPE Law Fellow 2018
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Slideshow of the 2018 Business, Journalism and Law Programs
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Photos by Dorian Jedrasiewicz


Medical and Seminary (June 17 – June 29, 2018)

  FASPE has rediscovered what was classically the mission of the university: to confront young men and women with their history and culture and to challenge them to set out into the future darkness in search of a light. A community that often feels more like family, FASPE shows professionals the gravity of leadership, the value of true debate and the importance of friendship in an increasingly disorienting time. Standing upon the selection platform at Birkenau, I had only the comfort of my new friends to help carry the burden of our collective past and envision a future brighter and reborn. Learning history at historical sites creates a visceral experience that imprints itself on the soul and forms the character. Despite the gravity and intensity of the two-week experience, I leave FASPE energized, not dejected; hopeful, not despairing; engaged, not afraid.    Joseph Scarpa Jr., FASPE Medical Fellow 2018
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  Visiting Auschwitz with a group of interfaith seminary students was an incredibly powerful experience. Although no one can ever truly process or understand the devastation of the Holocaust, this visit allowed us all to see the ways in which religious doctrine and ethical principles can be used to justify enormous evil. Clergy members under the Nazis had immense power and influence over their communities. Many often used this power to encourage hateful ideologies and actions, all in the name of their religions. FASPE has helped me to see that, as a religious leader, I have the power to make a different choice.    Deena J. Gottlieb, FASPE Seminary Fellow 2018
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Slideshow of the 2018 Medical and Seminary Programs
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Photos by Talia Bloch