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This summer, 80 new Fellows in the BusinessJournalismLawMedicalSeminary, and Design & Technology programs spent two weeks in Berlin, Krakow and Oswiecim, visiting historical sites, attending intensive seminars and participating in intimate cross-disciplinary discussion groups. Questions raised in the classroom and reflections spurred on by site visits were discussed and debated over lunch and dinner. Business, Law, and Design & Technology Fellows traveled together from Saturday, May 27 through Friday, June 8. Medical, Seminary, and Journalism Fellows traveled together from Saturday, June 25 through Friday, July 8. Below you can see photos from each trip and read testimonials from recent Fellows.

Recent Testimonials

“Participating in this fellowship was probably one of the most important things I could have done at this stage in my career. The experience forced us as fellows to do the necessary but painful and gut-wrenching task of looking for ourselves and our communities not only among the victims but among the perpetrators of societal inequities.” 
— Kristin Sharman, 2022 Law Fellow

“I found it immensely valuable to think about ethics not only in the legal profession but in terms of how I as a legal practitioner may interact with business and journalism professionals in the course of my career.” 
— Miriam Marks, 2019 Law Fellow

“FASPE was a transformative experience that will be very helpful to my entrance into the legal profession.”
— Benjamin Seelig, 2019 Law Fellow

“FASPE was an incredible and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to think critically and discuss complex issues in the same historical locations where so much wrong took place. Surrounded by brilliant faculty and peers, I have never felt so vulnerable and simultaneously comfortable enough to analyze my own weakness, both personally and professionally. I left the two weeks feeling inspired to change my profession and the world, and fully committed to serving others and creating a more just society.”
—Derek Soled, 2022 Business Fellow

“FASPE was at once a most universal and most personal experience. Universal for how it reminded each of us, despite our vastly different backgrounds, to fundamental truths about what it means to be human. But also deeply personal, for how it revealed both the biases and convictions each of us hold by virtue of our varied experiences. I’m almost certain that the tensions FASPE has forced me to wrestle with will stay for a long time – thankfully though, alongside a lifelong community of people driven by the same challenge.”
—Claudia Kwan, 2022 Business Fellow

“FASPE has given me a clear perspective of how professionals at a pivotal point in history failed to recognize their responsibilities and the nature of the choices they made. Equipped with this knowledge and with a better appreciation for the human suffering that resulted from their actions, I better understand my role as a future business leader and the responsibilities that entails.”
—Keller Durkin, 2019 Business Fellow

“Thank you for this precious opportunity. It was truly transformative, and I am so thankful. From the relationships, to the knowledge gained, to the lasting memories, this is one of the best educational experiences of my entire life.”
— Austin McKinney, 2019 Business Fellow

“FASPE highlighted for me the systemic nature of Holocaust and the pervasive involvement of professionals at every level. This complicity of professionals who shirked their responsibilities and failed to act ethically is particularly germane to my work in technology. As I continue in my career, FASPE will serve as an indelible addition to how I approach questions of ethics within technology and society.”
— Ian René Solano-Kamaiko, 2022 Design & Technology Fellow

“Participating in FASPE allowed me to take the time to examine deeper ethical questions about my profession and connect with other journalists asking those same questions. It helped me to frame my thinking about the industry around the ways journalists have historically incorporated ethics into their work (or not) and build a community of people to discuss and grapple with these ideas and revelations. It also reaffirmed my belief in the importance of our profession and the ways that this work can be done well.”
— Diana Kruzman, 2022 Journalism Fellow

“I feel very thankful to have participated in FASPE. It has sparked an ongoing curiosity in me regarding the topics we discussed, and left me feeling inspired and confident. I returned to my newspaper feeling like my ethical armor has been strengthened. Overall, FASPE was an unforgettable experience.”
— Vjosa Isai, 2019 Journalism Fellow

“Participating in the program gave me so much inspiration and energy as I move forward as a journalist. It's helped me feel more confident in my ethical decisions, and thus more confident as a journalist overall. Also, in the end it was just great to be around so many other people who take ethical questions seriously and are willing to deeply engage with these issues.”
— Laura Neumann, 2019 Journalism Fellow

Images from the 2022 Business, Journalism, Law and Design & Technology Programs
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“The FASPE program is thus far the highlight of my ethical training. Learning in this way, with a highly-motivated group of interdisciplinary professionals is so important, unique, and effective. Getting a 2-year masters in medical ethics feels less valuable than FASPE's 2-week program.”
— Claire Rosen, 2022 Medical Fellow

“I expected the Fellowship to be valuable, and for the site visits especially in Poland to be moving, but I cannot overstate how impactful the program was for me. The curriculum was so much more robust than I expected, the discussions between past and present drew linear connections, and the people were absolutely fantastic. Best professional development and personal growth experience of my career thus far.”
— David Loftus, 2022 Medical Fellow

“The concept, program, cohort, environment, education, discussion and experiences were life changing. It has challenged me to think about professional and personal ethics as well as history and its link to contemporary events differently. I will forever cherish my FASPE experience!”
— Johnny Efoko, 2022 Seminary Fellow

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this program. As the program concludes, I find myself leaving with more questions and I am excited to continue to explore those questions with my peers in ministry. Also, it is so rare for seminary folks to be in conversation with doctors and journalists, and I found the conversations with my interdisciplinary peers incredibly enlightening. Their perspectives, and their challenges, will help me be a better faith leader in my local community.”
— Michael Schulte, 2022 Seminary Fellow

“I was thoroughly impressed and stimulated by my peers in the Seminary and Medical groups and by the stellar team of educators and guides.”
— Yitzhak Bronstein, 2019 Seminary Fellow

“I'm forever grateful I went. It is an amazing program. I wish I had known more about it before, and I am so glad to have learned so much from this unique set of concepts while I was there. I'll be thinking about it and using it for the rest of my life! This is one of the most important adventures I've ever had.”
— Emmie Arnold, 2019 Seminary Fellow

Images from the 2022 Journalism, Medical and Seminary Programs
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