Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs are the most recent addition to FASPE’s educational programming. Modeled after the FASPE Business fellowship, which serves MBA students and early-career business professionals, FASPE’s Corporate Programs are geared toward employees of corporations and other commercial ventures, using onsite instruction and interactive learning presented in discreet sessions of a few hours to multi-day programs.

FASPE Business examines the role played by German business executives and their enterprises in Nazi Germany and elsewhere from 1933-1945, underscoring the reality that moral codes governing corporate action and business leaders can break down or be distorted with devastating consequences. FASPE Business Fellows spend two weeks in Berlin and Poland, where they visit key historical sites and attend intensive seminars on history as well as contemporary business ethics. Having demonstrated the power of business in a modern society, FASPE then addresses the ethical issues facing individual business professionals and corporate institutions today.

FASPE Corporate Programs are tailored to meet the needs and characteristics of each particular company. The ultimate aim of Corporate Programs is to encourage individual participants to be invested in the ethical climate of their workplace and of their profession as a whole.

Program Details

During the Nazi era, German corporations did not merely cooperate in the war effort, but helped to create the Nazi war machine. Moreover, leaders of corporations—large and small—collaborated and were complicit in the execution of Nazi racist and genocidal policies. FASPE does not argue that today’s business leaders are in danger of repeating the egregious behavior of those under Nazi rule, but rather it uses the past to highlight how individuals and collectives can slip into unethical behavior and what tactics can be employed to prevent it. Adhering to the guidelines of Corporate Social Responsibility or of legal “compliance” is often not sufficient to ensure and support ethical behavior. Given the breadth of expertise of FASPE’s faculty, Corporate Programs can be adapted across disciplines and industries and can be customized to serve specific audiences, from young trainees to the C-Suite.

FASPE employs a case-method approach tailored to the particular corporate setting. All programs begin with an historical overview and reflections on the role and responsibility of the corporation and its employees in the greater society. Corporate Programs are also designed to offer guidance on tactics, i.e., on how an employee in a corporate setting can effectively address what he or she perceives to be an ethical lapse—short of whistleblowing or making public declarations that could have unintended consequences.

If you are interested in learning more about FASPE Corporate Programs, please contact:

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Director of Programs and Strategy
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