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Behind the Story: Graham Stecklein on “Big Noses, Little Impact”

Dwane "Mr. Fish" Booth has recently been made the subject of a feature length documentary titled "Cartooning From The Deep End."  Drawing by Graham Clark.

By Graham Clark Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Stop me even if you haven’t heard it, actually. Because it’s an inappropriate joke, and I can hardly be said to have the right to tell it. But it speaks to bigger issues, so I’ll tell it anywhere. A rabbi is sitting in a café […]

Reflecting on Auschwitz

Book of names in "Shoah" exhibit at Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.  Photo by Dippy Bhattacharya.

By Dustin Volz I am walking deliberately through a row of still-standing brick barracks of the Holocaust’s most well-known landmark, a place that annually draws more than a million visitors. Despite the remnants of genocide—-a sardonic welcome sign promising salvation through work, a well-preserved gas chamber, a room filled with mountains of human hair—it’s impossible […]

Behind the Story: Dustin Volz on Sitting with Journalism’s Diversity Problem

Volz - Dustin - Image of diversity

By Dustin Volz Toward the end of our second day exploring Auschwitz, I found myself alone amid a row of barracks, unsure where the rest of the group had wandered. Closing time at the memorial was near. The dirt path was empty of other visitors, and the setting sun cast a deep shadow on the […]

Towards A More Apt Gradient of Incomprehension

Graham Clark by Graham Clark.

By Graham Clark Ever hear that phase, “What you don’t know could fill a book?” I started working on something on my way out of Europe. A plan that couldn’t fail, even when so many of my projects fizzle out before completion, because this would be essentially undoable in the first place. It is to […]

Just Looking

“Forcibly Pulled out of Dug-Outs”  Photograph from Jürgen Stroop’s report
on the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, May 1943

By KAREN PETREE He’s not looking at me directly, as if he’s too afraid. But I don’t want him to. I stare at him apprehensively where he’s frozen for 1/100th of a second in 1943. Though there are a lot of people in the group of Jews being evacuated from the Warsaw Ghetto, the boy […]

Journalism at Auschwitz

Barbed wire near the front entrance of Auschwitz I. Prisoners at the labor camp were sometimes executed by being forced to run into the electrified wire. Photo by Dustin Volz

By SAMANTHA PICKETTE Journalists, by definition, have a way with words. Speechlessness is not a part of the profession. Even when unimaginable tragedies occur, journalists are first on the scene with a pen in one hand and a camera in the other. Still, despite my training, I don’t know what to say about Auschwitz. I’ve […]