Sources Share How to Respect Sources

By Anna-Catherine Brigida In October 2017, I sat down with Salomon Estrada at a small, community-run museum in Guatemala City to talk about the forced disappearances of his two brothers, Felix and Cesar, by the Guatemalan state during the country’s civil war. The 36-year conflict ended in 1996, but the wounds are still fresh for […]

Virtual Reality: Ethics Questions in the Real World of Journalism

By Laurence Ivil Can I play with your daily reality? Can I immerse myself in your own personal space? Can I journey through the salt mines of the Central African Republic from the comfort of my own home? Well, if I peer through my Virtual Reality headset, and proceed to move my head to the […]

A Greek Town Tries to Honor its Jewish Past, but…

By Anna Pazos On the sultry afternoon of July 4, about 100 people holding flowers gathered in silence at the end of a seafront promenade in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest town. They stood around a monument that resembled a tall, twisted bush, and squinted at each other awkwardly, as if awaiting instructions. Eventually, a woman […]

Fairness and Responsibility: Drawing Parallels to Nazi Germany

By Connor Radnovich It’s easy to see, in retrospect, that the Holocaust didn’t begin with concentration camps; it began with words. The connection is clear looking back through an 80-year lens. But things are rarely so obvious in the moment. This is an inherent ethical challenge for reporters in daily journalism: telling a story as […]

The Ethics of Pressing the Record Button

By Erin McKinstry One evening during a journalism conference, I was discussing interviewing etiquette with another reporter. I confessed that I’d forgotten to disclose that I was recording a phone conversation on occasion, but that working in radio had broken me of the habit. I was surprised when the journalist said he rarely tells sources […]

Losing “Loose Language” in Immigration Reporting

By Ian Kullgren In 2013, the Associated Press made a landmark change to its style guidelines: journalists no longer should use the phrase “illegal immigrant,” trading it for “undocumented immigrant.” In a blog post, the AP explained that the switch was part of a broader shift away from all-defining labels. The new edict suggested—implicitly if […]

Seeing the Simple Stories

By Dorian Jędrasiewicz In times of big events and issues, we tend to forget the everyday people who have stories to tell. Technology is stealing from us the opportunity to just talk and to see in front of us; we may meet each other, but we don’t talk about our lives, needs, and troubles. The […]