David Goldman
Founder and Chairman

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FASPE challenges graduate students and future leaders to recognize and confront their ethical responsibilities as professionals by analyzing the decisions and actions of Nazi-era professionals.

FASPE was founded in response to two distinct yet interrelated societal forces. The first was a growing concern over the rampant breakdown of ethical values in several of our most important and respected professions. The second was the challenge of memorialization and education as the Holocaust becomes more distant over time. How are the Holocaust and its ramifications to be taught and contemplated today, in the 21st century? It is FASPE’s challenge to draw contemporary meaning and currency from the increasingly distant Nazi period through the study of the ethical breakdown of the professions in Nazi Germany and what can be learned from this regarding the ethical responsibilities of professionals in our day.

Wayne K. Green
Chief Executive Officer

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Thorsten Wagner
Executive Director for Strategy and Academics

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Mia Garcia
Director of Operations

Rebecca Scott
Director of Programs

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Andrew Flamm
Development Associate

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Anat Benzvi
Ethical Leadership Training Manager
Princeton Grad Futures Fellow

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Parker Pillsbury
Communications Associate

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Chase Padusniak
FASPE Journal Editor

Princeton Grad Futures Fellow

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Liya Xie
Research Assistant
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