Andy Eder Business Faculty Position

In honor of Founding FASPE Board Member, Andrew Eder of Guilford, CT, FASPE is delighted to announce that this year's Andy Eder Business Faculty position has been awarded to Professor Mollie Painter.

Professor Painter grew up and started her career in South Africa and is currently the Professor of Ethics and Organization at the renowned Nottingham Business School in the UK. She also is involved with the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, and the Centre for Business Ethics at the University of Pretoria, and works as a scholar and consultant, promoting Business ethics across the African continent and throughout the world.

Mollie Painter has been with FASPE since 2019 and served as faculty for the 2020/21 fellowships. Her global reach, her commitment to intercultural and transnational debates about what constitutes an ethical business practice, and her commitment to fighting racism and discrimination in business and society are a beautiful celebration of the values that Andy Eder has embodied and practiced in his long career both as a business leader and as a philanthropist.

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