2023 FASPE Business Faculty

Mary GentileMary Gentile
Creator and Director, Giving Voice to Values
Paul T. Harper
Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh Katz School of Business

2023 FASPE Law Faculty

Eric MullerEric Muller
Dan K. Moore Distinguished Professor in Jurisprudence and Ethics, University of North Carolina School of Law
Jessica RothJessica Roth
Professor of Law & Co-Director, Jacob Burns Center for Ethics in the Practice of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

2023 FASPE Design & Technology Faculty

Tawanna DillahuntTawanna Dillahunt
Associate Professor of Information and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan
Mary GrayMary L. Gray
Fellow, Harvard University's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society & Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

2023 FASPE Journalism Faculty

Mark Lukasiewicz
Dean, The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Hofstra University
Sarah StillmanSarah Stillman
Staff writer, The New Yorker

2023 FASPE Medical Faculty

Katherine Fischkoff Katherine Fischkoff
Associate Professor of Surgery and Critical Care, Columbia University Medical Center
Mark Mercurio Mark Mercurio
Professor of Pediatrics and the Director of the Program for Biomedical Ethics, Yale School of Medicine

2023 FASPE Seminary Faculty

Joyce MercerJoyce Mercer
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Horace Bushnell Professor of Practical Theology and Pastoral Care, Yale Divinity School
Rabbi Gil SteinlaufRabbi Gil Steinlauf
Center for Jewish Life Executive Director and Jewish Chaplain, Princeton University

Previous FASPE Faculty

Paul T. Harper and Mollie Painter (Business); Sheila Coronel and Mark Lukasiewicz (Journalism); Tanina Rostain and Jeff Ward (Law); Mona Sloane and David Danks (Design & Technology); Jay R. Malone, M.D., Ph.D. and Sarah C. Hull, MD, MBE (Medical); Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P. and Rabbi Naomi Kalish (Seminary)

Markus Scholz and Mollie Painter (Business); Lisa Armstrong and Mark Lukasiewicz (Journalism); Eric Muller and Jeff Ward (Law); Jay R. Malone, M.D., Ph.D. and Lydia Dugdale, M.D. (Medical); Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P. and Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer (Seminary)

Ruth Girardet and Leigh Hafrey (Business); Lisa Armstrong and Bill Grueskin (Journalism); Eric Muller and Jeff Ward (Law); Sara Goldkind and Jay R. Malone (Medical); Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P. and Rabbi Aaron Bisno

Mike Eichenwald and Leigh Hafrey (Business); Marguerite Holloway and Andie Tucher (Journalism); Susan Carle and Eric Muller (Law); Jeffrey Botkin and Sara Goldkind (Medical); Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P. and Rabbi James Ponet (Seminary)

Mary Gentile and Markus Scholz (Business); Gabriel Kahn and Ilene Prusher (Journalism); Susan Carle and Eric Muller (Law); John Hughes and Mark Mercurio (Medical); James Ponet and Kevin Spicer (Seminary)

Mary Gentile and Markus Scholz (Business); Ari Goldman and Lonnie Isabel (Journalism); Judith Lichtenberg and David Luban (Law); Jeffrey Botkin and Sara Goldkind (Medical); James Ponet and Kevin Spicer (Seminary)

Mary Gentile and Markus Scholz (Business); Marguerite Holloway and Andie Tucher (Journalism); Dana Remus (Law); Sara Goldkind and John Hughes (Medical); James Ponet and Kevin Spicer (Seminary)

Dale Maharidge and Andie Tucher and (Journalism); Belinda Cooper and Eric Muller (Law); Sara Goldkind and Mark Mercurio (Medical); Kevin SpicerLeRoy Walters and Nancy Wiener (Seminary)

Sheila Coronel and Ari Goldman (Journalism); Lisa Lerman and Eric Muller (Law); John Hughes (Medical); Kevin Spicer, LeRoy Walters and Nancy Wiener (Seminary)

Bill Grueskin and Andie Tucher (Journalism); Brett Dignam and Eric Muller (Law); John Hughes and Mark Mercurio (Medical); Michael GoldmanKevin Spicer and LeRoy Walters (Seminary)

Ari Goldman and Andie Tucher (Journalism); Robert Burt, Amos Friedland and Eric Muller (Law); John Hughes and Mark Mercurio (Medical); and Michael Goldman, John Langan* and LeRoy Walters (Seminary)

Amos Friedland and Anthony Kronman (Law); Mark Mercurio (Medical); Michael GoldmanJames Hoffmeier, John Langan, Benjamin Scolnic and LeRoy Walters (Seminary)

* - Deceased