There is an immediacy to the FASPE experience that is invaluable. The visceral nature of what is presented, discussed and felt is at once unique to this fellowship and universal to the human experience.
Laura Sherwood
2016 Medical Fellow

Further Information
FASPE Journal

At the core of FASPE are its six fellowship programs—Business, Design & Technology, Journalism, Law, Medical and Seminary—which award fellowships to American and international graduate students in professional schools and to early-career professionals. Every year, 12 to 18 fellows are chosen in each discipline through a competitive application process.

Each program is comprised of an intensive two-week trip during the early summer to Germany and Poland where fellows attend seminars and visit historical sites. The trips all begin in Berlin and continue on to Krakow and Auschwitz. Fellows in the Business, Design & Technology, and Law programs travel together, sharing meals and several interdisciplinary seminars in addition to their discipline-specific classes. Fellows in the Medical, Journalism, and Seminary programs travel together with the same benefits.

The individual fellowship programs are led by faculty who are professors in graduate schools, practicing professionals and historians. The curricula were designed by leading ethicists, practitioners and historians. The itineraries focus first on the actions of professionals in Nazi Germany—so as to provide the fellows with a grounding in the importance of their professions. The second portions of the trips are devoted to contemporary issues in the professions.

FASPE also offers programs dedicated to practicing professionals and other community leaders, including ethics training and workshops onsite at law firms, corporations and other places of work; and an abbreviated, less intense study trip to Europe modeled after the FASPE fellowships.The fellowship programs are only the start of FASPE’s relationship with its fellows. FASPE has a robust network of alumni fellows who continue to engage with each other and the organization, as a whole, over issues of professional ethics.

For more in-depth information on each program, please visit the individual program pages. For more information on how to apply to a fellowship program, please visit the How to Apply page.