There is an immediacy to the FASPE experience that is invaluable. The visceral nature of what is presented, discussed and felt is at once unique to this fellowship and universal to the human experience.
Laura Sherwood
2016 Medical Fellow

Further Information
FASPE Journal

At the core of FASPE are its six fellowship programs—Business, Design & Technology, Journalism, Law, Medical and Seminary—which award fellowships to American and international graduate students in professional schools and to early-career professionals. Every year, 13 to 16 fellows are chosen in each discipline through a competitive application process.

Fellowships begin with two weeks of intense study in Germany and Poland, taking advantage of the power of place with daily seminars and dialogue at sites of historic importance, often specific to their profession. Through interdisciplinary sessions, Fellows have the benefit of learning how other professions approach ethical responsibility.

The FASPE Fellowship experience extends well beyond the two weeks in Europe. Fellows join a lifetime network, now comprised of over 830 alumni. FASPE curates and facilitates continuing conversations and learning, including through in-person gatherings; online education; participation in writing, lecturing, and symposia; and social and professional networking.

The FASPE curriculum was designed in partnership with leading historians, ethicists, and practitioners. Each year, fellowships are led by FASPE professionals, two Faculty members (scholars and/or practitioners), and partners on the ground in Germany and Poland.

Throughout Fellowships and Ethical Leadership Training workshops, FASPE utilizes case studies to address themes within conceptual categories such as the meaning of professionalism, moral neutrality, personal and professional motivations, dual loyalties, the responsibility for unanticipated consequences, the role of empathy, etc.

For more in-depth information on each program, please visit the individual program pages. For more information on how to apply to a fellowship program, please visit the How to Apply page.