Business Program

FASPE changed the way I look at business ethics. Doing good is a duty we all bear. FASPE was one of the most influential events of my professional life.
Jean-Marc Chanoine
2016 FASPE Business Fellow

FASPE Business examines the role played by German business executives and their enterprises in Nazi Germany and elsewhere from 1933-1945, underscoring the reality that moral codes governing corporate action and business leaders can break down or be distorted with devastating consequences. Having demonstrated the power of business in a modern society, FASPE addresses ethical issues now facing individual business professionals and corporate institutions at large. With the historical background in mind, FASPE Business Fellows are more committed and better positioned to confront contemporary ethical issues.

Each year, FASPE chooses 12 to 18 Business Fellows from business schools, as well as early-career MBAs, to spend two weeks in Berlin and Poland where they visit key historical sites and participate in daily seminars led by specialized faculty. The Business Fellows travel with the Journalism and Law Fellows, having the opportunity to exchange views over shared meals and in several interdisciplinary seminars.

2019 FASPE Business Program Dates: May 25, 2019 – June 7, 2019 (Program starts in the evening of May 25.)
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FASPE Business Fellows consider topics such as:

  • the complicity of German businesses and business executives in the design and execution of Nazi policies
  • legal compliance and corporate social responsibility vs. ethical behavior
  • the notion of “ethical capitalism”
  • the meaning of ethics in business in the absence of an agreed-upon governing code of conduct
  • the decision-making process: “group think,” “making the numbers” and making the “good” call
  • navigating multiple loyalties—to stockholders, customers, employees, vendors and others
  • tactics to address ethical issues within larger corporate institutions
IG Farben factory near Auschwitz.German Federal Archive / BArch, Bild 146-2007-0058 /
CC-BY-SA 3.0

FASPE Business offers an approach to ethics and professionalism that differs from the usual experience at business schools by providing a holistic curriculum that looks beyond rules and norms to focus on ethical problems faced by individual leaders in the contemporary corporate setting.

The Business program was developed with the help of Mary Gentile, Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values; and Markus Scholz, Endowed Chair of Corporate Governance and Business Ethics at FHWien University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication in Vienna. FASPE Business Fellows from prior years now work in various positions in financial institutions, investment vehicles and other businesses.

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