FASPE’s greatest resource lies with its fellows. There are now over 830 FASPE fellows—a number that increases by more than 80 every year.

Fellows often describe their fellowship experience as life-changing, citing how much it has impressed upon them the power of their professions and the need to pursue ethical practices. As the fellows progress in their careers they bring with them a heightened sensitivity and deep commitment to addressing the ethical issues in their fields. FASPE endeavors to support this commitment by staying in touch with its fellows over the long run, providing multiple avenues for them to stay connected to each other and acting as a resource on matters of ethical practice.

FASPE hosts informal social media groups in which fellows regularly discuss the ethical issues they encounter in their work as well as those that relate to the professions more generally.

Each year, FASPE organizes an annual two-day Reunion and Symposium in New York City, centered around a particular topical theme within professional ethics. FASPE also arranges smaller, informal gatherings and parlor meetings for fellows throughout the year in various locations. Past gatherings have been held in Boston, Chicago, New Haven, New York, San Francisco and elsewhere.

Fellows are active in the FASPE community as well, assisting with recruiting and development efforts, mentoring younger fellows and acting as representatives on the FASPE Board of Directors.

Through its fellowships and its sustained contact with fellow alumni over the years, FASPE hopes to have a lasting impact on the fellows and on their professional and civic communities at large.