Awards for Ethical Leadership

FASPE seeks to honor those whose actions reflect the behavior that is at the core of FASPE’s mission. With that goal in mind, FASPE initiated its annual Awards for Ethical Leadership in 2014. This award is presented at FASPE’s annual gala dinner and is granted to three recipients. Learn more about this year's event.

Corporate Honoree

FASPE honors a corporation (or other commercial venture) that through its current activities stands apart in seeking ethical solutions and/or in practicing particularly ethical behavior.

Posthumous Honoree

FASPE honors an individual, a professional, who during World War II acted with courage in pursuing an ethical mission that sought to counter the Nazi leadership and/or the complicit behavior of his/her professional cohorts and the profession itself.

Distinguished Fellow

FASPE honors a fellow who has acted in a particularly ethical manner or made an important contribution to the topic of ethics in his or her profession. This award was presented for the first time at the 2018 dinner.