FASPE draws on its unique historical context for the study of ethics in the professions today to participate in the non-partisan public discourse on ethical issues that touch the professions.

FASPE speaks—in publications, panel discussions and other forums and media—through its staff, its faculty and its fellows. In addition, FASPE seeks to identify third-party writings and public commentary that are timely and relevant. Our Topics represents a continuing flow of articles and discussions that we believe are relevant and of particular interest.

If the @UNC_System were to give $2.5 million to an organization that argued that the number of Jews murdered in Holocaust was grossly exaggerated, I would be gone, whatever hardship that created for myself and my family. /end

It's not too late to apply to FASPE's 2020 program in #journalismethics #businessethics #legalethics #medicalethics and #seminaryethics. Deadline December 30

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