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FASPE’s Ethics Abroad Travel Program is an inspiring and compelling week-long program for intellectually curious travelers who are interested in engaging in FASPE’s distinctive approach to ethics and history. Participants travel to Berlin and Poland, with FASPE’s unique VIP access to historic and cultural sites (and their curators).

Ethics Abroad is a one week combination of lively conversation around critical issues of the day; engaging in the cultural (and culinary) fascinations of Berlin and Krakow; and a personalized exploration of what is perhaps the most important site of the 20th century, Auschwitz/Birkenau.

FASPE’s mission is to promote ethical leadership and responsibility among professionals—beginning with recognition of the influence that professionals have on all aspects of contemporary society.

Our distinctive approach is to examine the roles and behavior of individual professionals in Germany and elsewhere between 1933 and 1945 as an initial framework for approaching ethical responsibility in the professions today. By examining the behavior and motivations of the professionals who -- by choice and action -- enabled and enacted Nazi policies, we establish the importance and urgency of professionalism and ethical leadership today.

The FASPE curriculum utilizes case studies to address themes within conceptual categories such as:

  • the meaning of professionalism
  • moral neutrality
  • personal and professional motivations
  • dual loyalties
  • the responsibility for unanticipated consequences
  • the role of empathy

Trips are organized with a select and limited number of participants to ensure meaningful dialogue and special attention. They are led by FASPE faculty, composed of leading historians, professionals and ethicists.